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A Visual History of Camera

In today’s self-broadcasting culture, where amateurism is celebrated and anyone with an opinion, however in most cases ill-informed, can press the camera button and freely share their piece of art online, the distinction between the trained expert and uninformed amateur becomes dangerously blurred. The knowledge of what actually happens inside the camera body in that short period of time is no longer required as every dull or poorly exposed photo can be easily turned into something amazing in no time by many IOS or Android apps now available.

A visual history of camera is an interactive website which explores the history, development and social impact of the camera from the first application of Camera Obscura in antiquity to the flourishing of a multi-purposed smartphone in the digital age. Bringing together flat design graphics, parallax scrolling, both dynamic and static elements it aims to take the viewer on an immersive illustrative journey and educate in an informal yet engaging manner.

Website Stills:

Camera Obscura Illustration | Ieva Vilcinskaite
Polaroid Graphic Illustration | Ieva Vilcinskaite
Leica Illustration | Ieva Vilcinskaite
The end of analogous Kodak cameras
Camera Production Infographic Ieva Vilcinskaite
Swiss Design Text

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